• Cassandra Jay

    Founder and Director of Empowered Life Planning
    BSc (Hons) Psych
    HNC in Early Childhood Studies
    PG Diploma in Compulsive Behaviour
    PG Diploma Relationship Therapy
    Qualified Clinical Supervisor
    EFS & ESSM Certified international Psycho-sexologist

    Cassandra is the founder & director of Empowered Life Planning and the founder and clinical director of The Caesura Centre for Psychotherapy and Healthy Relationships.

    Cassandra regularly appears as a guest speaker at schools, colleges & media events throughout the UK, teaching courses in the areas of Psychology, anxiety, OCD, time-management, couple and family relationships, parenting, self- care and self-development.

    Cassandra has a specialism in OCD and intrusive thoughts, hoarding behaviours and assisting those who would like to introduce systems for organisation into their lives.

    She is passionate about helping people with their mental health, and equipping people with a toolkit to allows them to fully embrace their lives.
    She has used the therapeutic tools that she developed and uses with her patients to create our unique line of products, in particular, our flagship ‘My Empowered Life’ Planfolio.

  • Laura

    Laura has been the Office Manager and PA to Cassandra at the Caesura Centre, for the past three and a half years.

    She has always been very interested in personal wellbeing, positive mental health and ways to improve self-care.
    Being a busy Mum herself, any products that help and simplify organisation and self management are incredibly helpful, if not vital.
    The fact that a knowledgeable psychologist has created and developed this (using self development tools used for therapeutic sessions), adds a whole new level of importance and value to this planner. She is really happy and excited to be part of a team, that is helping to improve accessibility of mental health tools to a much wider audience.

  • Natalie

    Natalie is a lifelong Stationery and Planner Lover. She's always loved creating, from papercraft to video editing and in recent years social media and graphic design.

    Since becoming a Mum her mental health has taken a real hit (not to mention the impact of the pandemic) so she has been making a conscious effort to focus on herself and her own self development of who she is outside of 'just being Mummy'. Now as her girls enter the school years organisation is more important than ever.

    She is so excited to be part of this team and work alongside Cassandra to bring a wonderful tool to the world that not only helps keep you organised but allows you to work on all aspects of yourself to live a life you love and be the person you truly are!